• Matanikau Falls
  • savo
  • honiara fish market
  • US War Memorial Honiara
  • Solomons Street Art

So you have 5 days in the Solomon Islands…

For those who lack the budget (or can’t take the risk of not making it back in time) for flying to Western Province or Tevinapupu (the resort in Marau Sound frequented by the likes of Will & Kate), the following itinerary will give you a taste of Solli, the culture, the landscape and the history!

Day 1

  • Arrive and drive through town to your lodging, taking in the many shops named varieties of ‘Happyness’ and the hundreds of roadside betel nut sellers
  • Grab a coconut from the Honiara Market and walk up the Skyline Hill to the US War Memorial
  • Get some streetside fish and chips or one of Jacky’s fabulous bean and pumpkin rotis and watch the sunset behind the SSEC church at the bishop’s house

Day 2

  • Set sail for Savo, enjoying the drive down the coast past the cocoa plantations and beaches, and the awesome boat ride across
  • Climb the volcano
  • Visit the Megapodes
  • Chat with the ex-prime minister, Sir Allan
  • Sip coconuts and watch the sunset from hammocks on the beach

Day 3

  • Head out for a swim with the dolphins
  • Snorkel in front of the lodge
  • Visit the small village of Savo and watch lunch being cooked in a volcano
  • Take the boat back to Honiara
  • Dinner at Taj Mahal

Day 4

  • Battlefield tour to Vilu and around town
  • Snorkel at Bonegi
  • Lunch at Kokonut Cafe, checking out the dolphins, crocs and tucans
  • Take a walk through the botanical gardens and the cultural village
  • Send postcards home from the Post Office
  • Catch a local show or fundraiser – Solli idol (icon) or a soccer match comes highly recommended
  • Dinner at Korean BBQ

Day 5

  • Do the Matankiau Walk
  • Checkout the Museum and Art Gallery
  • Dinner at Cafe Havannah