savo big volcano

There are two volcano tours on Savo… A short stroll (~30mins) and the more intensive three hour hike (plus a short boat ride to get to the start).

After a night at the Sunset lodge that more than delivered on its promise of a spectacular sunset, we commenced the walk up a dry riverbed where lava once flowed. Our intrepid guide was a 16 year old, bare foot and on school holidays… We followed his steady relaxed step as the cliff faces group steeper, and the river became warmer and warmer, passing rainforest many centuries old. Small jumps across rocks and over clay meant the walk was only for able bodied travellers… A sentiment confirmed as we faced a large makeshift moss covered ladder with missing rungs… As the steam began to rise off the river the landscape changed again to rocky outcrops, until it opened up to warm sulfuric rock. Definitely an adventure not to be missed!

In 2014 Geodynamics is set to begin construction of a geothermal project at Savo that has the potential capacity to generate in excess of 30 MWe, or 100% of Honiara and the Gold Ridge Mine’s power requirement… It’s still an active Stratovolcano, with eruptions every 100-300 years.

Geodynamics Geothermal Project

Photo courtesy of Carlos Yanez (Flickr)

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