Today’s adventure journeyed from Mt Austin down to the Lunga River, following the same route the older logging companies used to use to float the wood down to the docks for transport… Ko Kama Rafting was started by Anita Emmett – an Australian living in Honiara since 1996… She definitely seemed more Solli than Australian after 18 years – lovely and friendly – a woman of varied business interests.

After an early start at the golf course, the trip into the rainforest, past tiny villages and 4wding into really dense jungle was incredible. Apart from a stray German photographer looking for a rare bird species, the area was all ours. We had a few fun moments – crashing into trees, getting covered in an insect swarm, hosting spiders in the raft, letting local kids jump in for a ride… The river was quite gentle, so the paddling was a great workout… though an end point after lunch would have been welcome! All in all a good, but long day.

Read more here: Ko Kama Rafting Adventures (yes, that’s me in the promotional material! – I think they were supposed to ask?!)… 🙂
And here: https://www.facebook.com/KoKamaRaftingAdventures

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