ssec central church honiara

The South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) is an offshoot of a mission organisation known as “Queensland Kanaka Mission” (QKM), formed in Bundaberg, Queensland, in 1886. The QKM initially grew out of a Sunday evening class program started by Florence Young in 1882, with ten of the kidnapped plantation workers and a house-girl. During this time, many of the workers, including some Solomon Islanders, became Christians, and decided to return to their own people to share their newfound life with them. Not without many ifficulties, the gospel then began to spread across the Solomon Islands. This led to the formation of the Solomon Islands branch of the QKM, in January 1904, known as the “South Sea Evangelical Mission” (SSEM), based in Sydney, Australia.

The idea of having the indigenous people of the Solomon Islands take on the full responsibility for running their own church was behind the establishment of the SSEM. This came to fruition in March, 1964, at Ambu, in Malaita when a total of 53 delegates from around the islands met together with a group of missionaries, for the first time, for a week-long conference. During the conference, a constitution for an indigenous church was adopted and inaugurated under the name “South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC)”.

By this time, about 300 spiritually-vibrant local churches had been established across the islands…

Today 27% of the population of the Solomon Islands belong to the SSEC church, mostly in Malaita and Guadalcanal. The church runs a number of schools in the two provinces as well as a number of rural training facilities and bible colleges.

Having worked there for 3 months I can honestly say I’ve never had such a peaceful and lovely office environment. We gathered every morning for songs, prayers and reflections… And I felt welcomed, involved and part of the community instantly.

Major church service at 9:30am on sunday.
Smaller service at 5:30pm.