David the vegan
I met David the vegan at Jacky’s. It was pouring with rain and table space was limited so we were eye to eye. He was eating what looked like a cross between an enormous potato and a piece of bread so I had to ask. A ‘papa’ he replied, a member of the taro family. I looked suitably impressed – that’s a very large veggie. He paused, looked me over slowly, then started to tell his story.

He used to drink, eat meat, live the good life of a repentant Catholic until one day he had a stroke. He was paralysed for a long time. The doctors had little hope… So he went back to the bible. He read it over and over and was struck by the passage about Daniel refusing to eat meat. He gave up all animal products as per the bible’s instructions, gave up drinking, stopped going to church and moved to living a simple life. He recovered full range of movement and he and his family have lived in peace without any illness for the past 4 years, consulting the bible directly for advice.

Furthermore, as a result of being closer to nature they no longer get rats, ants or cockroaches at their place.

A great story – and a miraculous stroke recovery!

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