Dancing is the best cross cultural communication tool there is. The willingness to look ridiculous in front of people you don’t know is enduringly endearing… At least in the places I’ve travelled.

The photo above was taken on a misadventure to Betivatu School. After getting bogged in the mud at the back of a cacao plantation miles off the main road and then having the car break down we were forced to wait to be rescued. Apparently a car left unattended will be stripped to the bone in about half an hour… and its certainly not safe for anyone to go wandering through villages on their own. After eating all our food (yes, we wouldn’t survive long in the wild!), tasting cacao beans, playing iphone games, story telling, watching coconuts fall and swatting thousands and thousands of mosquitos there was nothing left to do but dance! So much fun was had that I was invited out clubbing the same weekend – my dance skills having been proven on the dirty back roads of Honiara…

Clubbing in Honiara falls into 2 categories. The safe and the crazy. Dancing at the King Solomon & Iron Bottom Sound is considered a fun night out but also a safe one. Providing you have a few large guys to escort you home, you’ll probably be ok. Like most nights out dancing it started slow… and as people became more drunk the dancing improved dramatically! And of course, the crazy foreigner who loves to dance will always be popular! Many marriage proposals and dark confessions later we wobbled out to the taxi for the drive home.

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