taxi solomon islands

Taxi drivers in the Solomon Islands are a fascinating bunch. Having been recently berated on the street for using a taxi driver other than the guy I walk past some mornings, I dutifully decided to rectify the situation for an airport drop off.

The barefooted taxi driver was unusually quiet for a Solli.. this I later discovered was because he’d only just woken up from a full night of drinking, discovered another SolBrew under the seat and was quietly sipping away in the front. He politely offered to wait while I went inside to say goodbye (a process that took much longer than anticipated for many reasons that make Solomon Islands a relaxed and friendly place to holiday but not so much to deal with bureaucracy) and I apologised profusely for the wait on return.

Cars appeared to be hurtling past us – quite a feat given most traffic was only travelling at a leisurely 30 or so – and the driver had wound down all the windows and was stopping for a chat with every other driver, street walker and store owner we passed… I couldn’t quite grasp the conversation, so casually said “You know a lot of people” to which he replied, “Everyone sees me driving you and smiling at me, so I’m telling them you’re my girlfriend.”… Umm… Ok then…