If you’re like me, there just isn’t enough luggage space for all the books you’d love to bring on a trip like this…. And while iPads, Kindles and Kobos suffice – what happens, if, for example, you are mugged and lose your stash? (Yes! It happened to me!) Or you’d just like to try out reading in pijin?

Read on…

Locations for good books are few and far between in Honiara.

  • The Library: Situated along the road to Chinatown, just off the large roundabout, the Public library (and just behind, the National library) are free sources of books! While the range is limited, treasures lurk in the dusty shelves. I highly recommend the pacific collection at the back of the national library for unique books you just won’t stumble across on amazon. Easter island secrets to the Sexual lives of ‘savages’ and many more! Opening hours are only alternating weekdays (between the two libraries) with closure during weekends, lunch hours and public holidays.
  • The Hyundai Building Lvl 2: The books shop ahere has regular priced books (expensive!) but also a SBD$5 bargain shelf… Not only did I pick up an eighteenth century classic (The Italian), I also grabbed a history of personal hygiene and a complete tourist guide to Melbourne. Visit regularly for changing stock.
  • The Gift Shop: The gift shop opposite wings in the NPF building has an interesting collection of books to buy or swap. Limited range, but surprising titles!
  • The Lime Lounge: Once you’ve read through your $5 bargains take them up to the lime lounge to swap them with other expat discards… Multiple languages, themes and more available in the small pile…
  • The SSEC bookshop: Some great christian literature about the history of the Solomons and the church, and you can even buy your very own bible in pijin!

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