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The Atori market is something to behold… and undeniable proof that Solomon Islanders can be on time!

At 8:45am dugout canoes filled the oceans, and the beach was lined with people, all hoping to sell their produce. We waited patiently outside until 9am as trades started to take place between the chatter… At the doors swung open, people poured in, grabbed a large cement table and layed out their goods. A pop up market of spectacular proportions – within 20mins the full market shed had been emptied of goods and people started on the journey home. Women who had negotiated with teenage boys to purchase betel nut picked it up discreetly behind trees and houses as we headed back to the beach.

We headed across to the closest island by boat… following the canoes and produce. The entire island was no more than 400m in radius, with a thriving community, ~300 people and 3 enormous cement churches! No industry bar the fish that were sold at the market, the island was a happy place that no one wanted to leave. We were mobbed by children and adults alike wanting to hear stories and play games from abroad. Such friendly, open beautiful people!

Google Map of ‘the Island’ (Ngongosila)

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