Time is running out!

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I have been thinking for a while now how I could try to summarise my time in Solli and there is just so much to say… It’s hard to express how life changing this has been. I have never felt so inspired, so scared, so loved, so productive, so worried and so free, all at […]

What a beginning…

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It’s Sunday afternoon, sweat dripping from my face, a balmy 31 degrees and I’m sitting on my(!) incredible balcony looking out across a serenely stunning view. I can see why people enjoy living in coastal towns – waking up to the sun rising over the ocean gives you this unbelievable sense of possibility and opportunity […]

Honiara Fish Market

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A pleasant surprise on my Sunday stroll, a few short hours after arriving in Honiara and finding most of the streets empty while song poured from every church I was delighted to stumble across the fish market. Fish there was in abundance, but also as many types of bananas (green, yellow, red, orange), coconuts and […]